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Jul 10, 2011 7:30am PDT
before the nation defaults. >> and britain's newlyweds. the royals .co southern california. >> i love your enthusiasm for that. >> welcome back. we are talking 7:59. >> we a lot to talk about here in the next half-hour, including the debt ceiling. i know you love that term. >> we are going deeper in the hole, and we call it raising the ceiling. >> so what exactly does that mean? a talk about that as well as the president speak showing on twitter. he had his twitter town hall. >> we are going to get to all of that in a moment. first, topping our news this morning, police requesting a person of interest in a shooting attack in the east bay. >> that investigation continues after three people shot and killed in a home in richmond yesterday. it happened around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police were called to a public housing complex on triangle court. inside the home they found three men dead. ages 19, 28, and 36. one boy outside who you see there said his brother was among the people killed. police are now holding the men for questioning. they say he does not have a history of violence, bu
Jul 17, 2011 7:30am PDT
the news of the world in britain was arrested. rebecca brooks was the part where rocks british see a old was arrested while at a police station in london. and bribery of police. that arrest comes two days before they are scheduled to answer questions from a parliament rate committee. >>> only a few feet of a when a police officer shot and tell them. now his best friend is also dead. the victim of a shooting. someone caught -- summa shot and killed him friday in hayward. the suspects ran away from the scene. he has not been caught yet. please do not believe the shooting was random. >> it happened in broad daylight . i don't know. it's just dumb. >> now, he is seen in the cell phone video. that is him wearing the grey hoodie on the left of your screen. he was approaching officers and then walking away when officers ordered him to back off. it was moments after that that grant was shot. he filed a lawsuit claiming caldwell had a significant criminal background. >>> a woman in san jose is dead after being hit by a minivan last night. it happened on around a quarter to 10 between old telly an
Jul 24, 2011 7:30am PDT
in britain following the deadly attacks in norway. this is as it emerges. the suspect in norway opposed muslim immigration to europe. he may have pushed a manifesto online just before the attacks in which he killed 93 people. this picture from the air shows the accused gunmen on his deadly mission. police say man dressed in a policeman's uniform traveled to an island near oslo where he opened fire on young people attending a political camp. he hid and some ran the others try to swim away. >> bullets are just flying. seeing people getting hit by bullets, just running next to you, it's chaotic. >> police say the suspects ran page began earlier in downtown oslo when he's off a car bomb that damaged a number of buildings including government officers -- offices. the police are not ruling out finding a second suspect areas than it closer to home. so far no arrests and no suspects in an east they shooting that left one man dead and another critically hurt. officer say someone fired a two man in richmond. a 20-year-old died at the scene. it happened outside some businesses at about 11:00 last
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3